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Professional Year Programs in Australia


Professional Year Programs must be 

completed in Australia in the four years before you are invited to apply for a visa.

  1. in your nominated occupation or a closely related occupation
  2. completed over a period of at least 12 months
  3. provided by one of these organisations:

PYP Australia

 Any international students who graduated from an Australian university with a degree that is not less than two years can apply for the program. The PYP is a 44-week program, which is divided into 32 weeks of coursework and 12 weeks of internship. The program provides valuable knowledge and skills, as well as real exposure to working in an Australian company.  


PY Program can help you stand out by:

  • enhancing your understanding of the Australian workforce
  • providing an industry-relevant internship placement
  • building your professional network for future employment.

The PYP aims to increase the employability skills of international graduates in order to address Australia’s skills shortages in nominated  occupations. 

1. Navitas Professional


  •  Navitas Professional is a professional development and education expert specialising in career focused programs for outstanding employment outcomes. 
  • Navitas Professional  programs encompass professional workplace training and mentoring, internships, industry networking, business communication, team-building and leadership skills. 
  • Navitas deliver training in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin,Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.
  • Each campus has monthly start dates and a choice of weekend, weekday and evening timetables to suit your busy schedule.                                                                                         


2. ECA Professional Year programs


  • One of the most experienced providers in the market with a proven success rate of producing highly employable graduates. 
  •  Convenient centralised locations in three of Australia’s largest cities boasting modern facilities and excellent student services. 
  •  Weekday and weekend classes available with a range of flexible payment options. 
  •    Partnering with a range of host companies to offer students internships which often lead to industry-based employment.


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